How To Check For Bedbugs In Your Hotel

How To Check For Bedbugs In Your Hotel

Bedbugs have quickly become one of the top feared insects in the south. Where only a decade ago or so they were simply a way to say goodnight, now with so many people moving from place to place they have become quite the world travelers themselves. Below we want to give you guys some tips for when you travel on what to look for when you first arrive at your hotel.

However, before we get into it we want to give a quick rundown on public enemy #1:

  1. Bedbugs are a tick like insect that feed off the blood of a host. Often people will find the bites of these miniature vampires much sooner than the devils themselves. They like to hunt at night and prefer humans over animals.
  2. A female bedbug only needs to mate once and she will lay eggs for the rest of her life. This means it is imperative to have some sort of treatment plan in motion. Once nested in a room if food becomes sparse, IE nobody is sleeping in the room, then the bedbugs will become dormant making extermination and detection much more difficult.
  3. Most people get bedbugs via bad luck. They originally came from nature/outdoors but have become somewhat domesticated. They travel with people, typically in clothing, and as a person moves a suitcase or box from room to room or structure to structure they can easily transfer the bedbugs. A person sitting on an airplane seat that was previously occupied by someone with bedbugs could possibly get them if one fell off the latter passenger. Or most often they are transferred in hotel rooms, especially if there is sloppy or quick housekeeping that are not keeping an eye out for these extra tenants.

There are many things we have learned about bedbugs and though they came in and took us by surprise we have since developed greater detective skills and been able to fight back. Listed below are some great tips to remember when traveling or if you suspect a rash is more than just a rash!

The Who:

First establish who is going to look. Be it you personally or an exterminator or a member of the cleaning staff if staying at a hotel and you feel it questionable. This takes a sense of trust, as they are small and difficult to find. Even the experts have a hard time and could miss a small nook or cranny they were hiding in. It is best to review the inspection or perform it yourself to be sure and gain total peace of mind.

The When:

As soon as you suspect. If at home and you notice a bite or believe you have found a physical sign of one then check it out as soon as possible.

If traveling and staying at a hotel then it is best to check the room before you bring in your luggage. Best to leave it in the car, or at least on the cart in the hall, though the cart could be infested as well.

The How:

Using the brightest flashlight you have examine the places below. Be careful not to lean against furniture if at all possible. Magnifying glasses, or camera phones that you can use a zoom on are excellent tools as well.

The Where:


Any seem, screw hole, crack, divot, or notch they could nest inside.

  • Bed Frame
  • Bed Posts
  • Feet of the bed
  • Railing
  • Head/foot board


  • Corners
  • Buttons
  • Seams
  • Zippers
  • In Between and underneath.


Once the females mate they will retreat to high ground. Around the crown molding, or where the wall and ceiling come together there are often droppings and evidence found


Any chairs or couches or tables/dressers in the room, especially beside the bed. Check the same as the bed itself looking in any nook or cranny or screw hole etc for any signs


Around the outer edge of the outlets

The What:

And Finally what to look for is imperative.

  • Live bedbugs!
  • Eggs or egg casings: Pale yellow in color
  • Blood: Ruddy stains on sheets or the mattress
  • Feces: Blackish spots similar to sharpie mark

No matter the method it is better to do something than nothing and being overly cautious is better than inviting a vampire into your own home after holiday. And again, be sure to put a plan into action before they become too out of control.

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