Tick Control

If your pets are ticked off, you need us.

Many people don’t realize that ticks and fleas are an outside/inside problem. Which is exactly why we address both, greatly reducing and usually eliminating any problem with these unhealthy bugs.

You see, both ticks and fleas can carry disease and just the bites themselves often become infected, causing yet another problem. Not to mention the extreme discomfort your pet has to endure. So, we treat both interior and exterior trouble spots, focusing on pet playing/sleeping/eating locations.

These treatments not only kill the adult pests, but also interrupt the life cycle. Plus, we schedule as many (and as few) maintenance follow-ups to be sure your pet and their environment are clean and free of ticks and fleas. Oh, and all our treatment products are labeled for use on floors, furniture, pet bedding, etc. because we know your pet is not the only one who loves your home.

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