About Us

Since 1959, we've helped people be bug free.

Pest free for 50 Years

When you have to deal with termites, ants, pests or moisture problems, we’ll lend a hand. A trusted hand as a family-owned company for over 50 years. In fact, we were just the second company to get a State Charter and have been leading the way ever since.

With innovations like our SOS System (Seeking Out the Source) to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and value. That’s to go along with our completely customized service so that you always get what you need and only what you need.

Our multi-point inspections are free and your service comes with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee meaning your pests will disappear, or we will. In addition, we’re licensed and bonded. Thus, you’re always assured of a clean, safe environment free from pests. So give us a call because, with 50 years of practice, we know how to answer.

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