Bed Bug Treatment

Put bed bugs to bed for good.

Okay, if you suffer from bed bugs, relax because they are not a result of bad housekeeping or bad hygiene. It’s really more a matter of bad luck, they are brought into your home from work, play, travel, social contact, even something like yard sale purchases. They hitchhike their way into your home and find their way into your bed.

Generally, an infestation starts with only 1 – 3 insects, but females can lay seven eggs a day, so they multiply quite quickly. Causing both comfort issues and health concerns.

First, we expertly inspect your bedrooms and sitting areas, assessing the extent of the problem and providing honest, accurate answers. Followed by thorough treatment, including proven methods such as dusting, residual spray, steam, and follow-up service.

And here’s something to remember. If you spot a bed bug, do not remove items from that room, it will only spread them further and make treatment more complex.

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