Cockroach Control

Limit your houseguests to humans.

Roaches are some of the most unappealing and unhealthy insects known to man, especially when they’re in your kitchen. No wonder they run and hide in the light, even they know they’re ugly. Yes, cockroaches are creepy and vulgar which are perhaps their two best traits.

All this is why you need us to perform an expert initial inspection to assess exactly where the foundation of the problem lies. Some areas of concern are clogged gutters, mulchy leafy trees, and exposed sewer lines.

Then, during the same appointment, we’ll begin treatments, using every tool in the bag. Including flushing, residual dust, glue traps, baits, vacuuming, and general cleaning. But please be aware that these pesky critters are still in hiding even 3 – 4 months after you stop seeing them, so it’s the best idea to use us for monthly service.

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