Ant Control

Some of your smallest problems are actually the biggest.

Ants are a problem in the South throughout much of the year, especially when the weather is warm. The different ant species found in Tennessee cause a variety of issues when they invade your home. Just a few of these obnoxious and dangerous insects are fire ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants that can give people food poisoning by contaminating food with bacteria such as salmonella. They pick up this bacteria when they crawl on filthy surfaces such as bathroom floors and kitchen counters.

When we come out to inspect and treat your home we don’t just treat what we see. We seek out the source. We will track down the nest and eliminate the problem from there. Ants can travel up to 300 ft from the nest so if we can’t find the nest we focus on setting up defenses around your home with a great perimeter treatment.

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