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Yes they are safe. When properly applied and allowed to dry they pose very limited risk. We apply in areas that are usually hidden where bugs tend to hide and rarely do we treat out in the open. (Keep in mind that consuming or handling raw product is never a good idea)

A barrier placed around your home is the front line of pest control. Weather and age affect this barrier. Some insect, due to their nature and abundance, require these monthly or quarterly reapplications to be effective. Occasionally we are able to eliminate the issue with one service. This is rare but when it happens we allow the customer to decide whether they want the additional services or not.

Depending on the insect occasionally there are methods that a homeowner can implement that limits the need for a professional to treat their home. These could involve housekeeping such as vacuuming or picking up clutter. Or there may be some carpentry or exclusion work using caulk to seal up gaps in windows or getting new weather stripping that creates better physical barriers. Some store-bought pesticides are very effective, however, we do not recommend using because without proper knowledge on how to apply them it could result in harmful exposure.

Cost is usually at the forefront of peoples minds and we recognize this. There are a lot of variables that can raise or lower the cost of your pest control service. For example: type of insect, level of infestation, amount of services needed, amount of clutter, size of the home, the location of the property, product requirements and so on.

Not all insects are a sanitation issue. For example, ants, although searching for food and water, are a structural insect that just happened to find a way into your home and are just following the path. Other insects may just be bad luck, like bed bugs. You can get these by sitting next to someone on a bus or bench.

This depends on what we are treating for and what the technician believes he needs to do to give an effective treatment. All insects come from the outside, they do not manifest out of clutter. Therefore, often a solid perimeter treatment around the home and a webstering/dusting of eaves is effective enough to keep bugs from getting inside and pestering homeowners.

Depends on the target insect. All of our products have been certified by the EPA and we apply them according to the label. Sometimes we are able to treat using organic products or have solutions for a homeowner that eliminate the need for pesticide.

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