Mouse Control: Bait Stations Versus Traps

Mouse Control: Bait Stations Versus Traps

There is a discussion to be had on what tool is appropriate for any job, and mouse control is not an exception. Shrieks can be heard for miles as these extra roommates settle in, whether it be for winter hibernating, or getting out of the heat. Mice invade attics and crawl spaces and go on to terrify and torment homeowners, all while refusing to pay rent or help cook! Pest control techs each have their own flavor when it comes to how to deal with these, but here at Home Pest, we have a certain method we think really.. draws them in. Below is some comparisons of different tools in our tool belt and how we break down the pros and cons.

Glue Boards

Glue boards are very effective! We utilize these along side our stations as an added layer of protection. So lets pro and con it:


  • Glue made from molasses will help draw the mice in.
  • Can be easily baited using peanut butter or some other inexpensive food.
  • They can be folded into a box so the mouse will think it a safe place to hide.
  • They can be laid flat and slid under appliances or furniture a station could fit.
  • Don’t require professional monitoring.
  • Can be placed by unlicensed homeowners


  • Removal. Pest companies will not aide in the removal of the mouse.
  • Slow extermination. The mouse will die from starvation, unless squished
  • An odor will occur perhaps before the glue board is retrieved.
  • Typically only on mouse per board.
  • Other pets can become stuck, or your toe if you forget the board is there.
  • Other insects not intended as target can foul the board up and render it useless for mice.

As we treat more and more against mice and rats we find that they definitely have their place. These boards are not the end all be all but they are a great support.

Snap Traps:

The traditional mouse trap. The one our favorite house cat Tom is always putting to use to try and get Jerry! You put that piece of cheese or dab of peanut butter on there, place it near the perfectly symmetrical hole in the baseboard, and hope the dog doesn’t try to get it. Lets break down the P’s and C’s


  • Doesn’t require licensed pest control company to put out
  • Immediate extermination
  • Not Costly


  • Removal. Pest companies will not aide in the removal of the mouse.
  • Dangerous. Children or pets can be easily hurt
  • No way to monitor effectiveness of placement

Bait Stations

Now on to what the professionals use. This tool is used by virtually every pest control company due to its ability for effective monitoring, placing and exterminating.


  • Safe for animals and children
  • Can eliminate 8-10 mice per filled station
  • Bait eliminates decomposition odor
  • Easy to monitor activity
  • Little to no removal


  • Require licensed pest control company
  • Takes time for rodents to respond

No matter the tool you choose to use for the job, be it baits, traps, hammers or cats, just be sure to not let these critters take over! However, there is no shame in reaching out for some extra help! Give us a call at: 615-874-8600 or reach out to us online at:

Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

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