What Are Roof Rats

What Are Roof Rats

Roof rats, which are also known as black rats or house rats, are omnivorous rodents that are found throughout the world. They can build nests in both interior and exterior locations. Roof rats are usually difficult for homeowners to get rid of, especially if they have already begun breeding.


Roof rats are incredibly versatile and can survive on a wide range of foods. They are known to eat fruit, seeds, leaves and even fungi. If they have recently taken up residence in a house, they can also feast on dog food and cat food. Black rats are covered with black fur and are usually lighter on the underside. In most cases, roof rats are most active after the sun has gone down. They may, however, move through the house during the day if food supplies are available and there is no one around to disturb them.


Roof rats have been known to carry a number of different diseases and can pose a threat. Typhus and trichinosis can both be passed to humans. In some cases, men and women who have asthma can find their condition worsened when roof rats are nesting nearby. For the cleanliness of the household, it is usually best to have the critters eliminated as quickly as possible.

Infestation Signs

You might first become aware of an infestation by spotting small piles of droppings in attic areas. The droppings may also be present near tree trunks, decks and porches. If the infestation is severe, the rats themselves will be seen scampering across the landscape.

In all cases, professional exterminators should be called to deal with the problem. Experts can provide price quotes and develop a viable action plan going forward.

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