Avoiding Bed Bugs on Public Transportation

Avoiding Bed Bugs on Public Transportation

Public transportation comes with its share of conveniences and risks. Though it provides a way to get from point A to point B, it may also place you front and center to a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs hitch a ride on people’s luggage and clothing and latch onto seats and flooring. The bugs then cling to your clothing and luggage and make their way into your home.

Bed Bugs on Public Transportation

Public transit officials take bed bugs seriously and hire pest control professionals to treat and apply preventative measures to protect buses, taxis and trains from infestations. However, some people across the country have reported having bites from bed bugs on public transportation. In fact, public officials have found bed bugs on three out of 87 transit buses in York, Pa. From New York to California, these invasive bugs threaten passengers in every state and can spread quickly in a single ride.

Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs

If you ride on public transportation, you can avoid bringing bed bugs home with a few preventative measures. Before you sit down, check for bed bug droppings on the seats. The droppings look like small, black dots and can appear sporadic across the seating. If you suspect an infestation, inform the driver, and look for another ride if possible.

In addition, set a plastic bin just outside of the entrance to your home. Place your luggage, jackets and other belongings in the bin, and check each of the items for bed bugs. Checking the items outside prevents you from bringing bed bugs inside and causing a problematic infestation later.

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