Best Bug Sprays for Consumers

Best Bug Sprays for Consumers



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We want to help make sure you know what the best bug sprays to use are! This time of year mosquitoes can become a major issue. The presence of mosquitoes typically starts around February or March and can often last through October or November. They can of course be annoying, but more importantly they can carry various viruses that they could pass along to you. The most common virus carried among mosquitoes is the West Nile Virus. Although less than 1% of people who are bitten by a mosquito carrying this virus will experience any severe symptoms (usually these symptoms occur in an elderly person or a person who has a weakened immune system) – it’s still something to stay mindful of.


While scheduling a mosquito control service with us is always helpful minimizing their presence in outdoor areas, you will also probably want to use a good bug spray when you plan on being outside for any period of time. Consumer Reports conducted a study to find out which bug sprays work the best and how long they remain effective. One ingredient they found is best to look for is DEET. DEET does not kill bugs, but is the most effective ingredient for keeping them off your skin! Here are the top 9 bug sprays they found starting with the best.

Top Ten… Or Nine.

1. 3m Ultrathon – 13 hours
2. Off! Deep Woods for Sportsmen – 13 hours
3. Muskol Ultra – 8 hours
4. BugOut – 7 hours
5. Sawyer Controlled Release – 6 hours
6. Cutter Unscented – 5 hours
7. Off! Skintastic with Sunscreen SPF 30 – 4 hours
8. Cutter Skinsations – 2 hours
9. Avon Skin So – soft Bug Guard/sunblock – 1 hour

For the best place to pick these up we recommend visiting a local hardware store!

For our Donelson residents, check out our friends at ACE Hardware:


When your spray is not enough, go with the pros and have us spray them at the source: \



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