Steps to Prep for Tennessee Spring Pest

Steps to Prep for Tennessee Spring Pest

With Spring around the corner it is time to get your home ready! From cleaning, to planting, to putting out new décor there is a whole list of prep to be done. Outside of the typical spider and ant treatment there might be a few Spring pest you may need some steps to prep for this year!

Termite Swarms:

(photo credit: PRNewsFoto/Dow AgroSciences)

In Tennessee we have mostly one type of Termite: Subterranean. These termites will create tubing and castles and move through structures looking for wood. Every spring they “swarm.” This is when the reproductive termite, or swarmer, will move to the tip of a castle and suddenly burst out by the thousands! (sometimes in your home eeek!) They look like winged ants and the wings will fall off and almost look like rice. Thankfully they do not start eating the wood but they will attempt to pair up and start a new colony.

Steps to Prep:

Have a termite treatment in place and your home under warranty. This can be done by most pest control companies, most termiticide in the ground will last around a decade and the company will inspect each year or come out for red flags at usually no cost. Bait stations can also be used and will help alert you before the termites get to your house. If a swarm happens in your home do not panic, just call the bug guy and have them come give you options. For more info check out our termite page!


Photo Credit: Cicada Mania

This year, 2021, marks the return of the 17 year cicada brood. Should mostly effect East Tennessee and hopefully in low numbers. These boys will swarm everything they can around mid-May. Luckily they do not bite unless they mistake you for a plant and they do not terrorize crops.

Steps to Prep:

The biggest worry is saplings. Put a fine net on any young tree and be ready to hose them off of plants… especially if they are “singing.” For more information check out this Cicada site!

Asian Lady Beetles:

Photo by Neringa Hünnefeld on Unsplash

Luckily, this Spring pest is actually on its way out! The beetle arrives in the fall and finds a place to winterize. Once Spring returns it will make its way back out of whatever nook or cranny it stayed in and flee the structure. They are mostly harmless, they do not damage the structure or fabrics, though some people can be bit.

Steps to Prep:

No need to call the bug guy, just get the hoover ready! Since these beetles are already in the structure there is not much preventing to be done, but be careful smashing or wiping, they can leave an orangey gunk. We suggest to have a quick handheld vacuum to suck them up and dump them out.

Hopefully these steps aren’t too much of a hassle to squeeze into the spring cleaning. Good luck and call us if you need some help!

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