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Ask Your Technician

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Ask Your Technician!

In this article we are going to list a few reasons to ask your technician, and not the office. We promise it’s not because we don’t love hearing from you or that we don’t know the answers! In most industries, especially service, it is usually the management or customer service team you call to speak with when a question arises. However, in the bug business we want you to ask your technician. Your technician is more of a partner with the business, they have been on the job site, and they are certified by the state.

More of Partner:

Technicians in the bug business have a different relationship, or hierarchy, than most other labor industries. They are not the bottom of the totem pole, or lowest in the food chain, as far as decision making and management. Techs are not just the grunt paid a low hourly wage to do the dirty work. They are usually commissioned based and have a big incentive to make sure that customers are treated well so that they continue allowing the company to serve them. Technicians have a lot more decision making skills than other industries and they handle everything from scheduling, to servicing, to admin, to collection. They are extremely important to the flow of business and will do everything they can to make sure you are served.

Trained and Certified:

To be a pest control technician you have to be certified with the state you are working. The office workers are often not certified and are legally not allowed to discuss products or treatment at your home. Tennessee requires an exam to be passed and for education to continue through seminars and training outside of the company every year. The technicians will spend entire days in class listening to veterans in the industry, college professors/entomologists, and a list of other men and women who the state feels like would benefit our industry. There is also ongoing regulation to ensure safety for themselves and customers. The state audits them to ensure products are being handled and applied properly.

Your technician has a lot of training and knowledge about how they plan to accomplish whatever problem you are facing. And when they don’t know something they all work under a license holder. License holders have more knowledge and experience and are there to help them find the solution. So if a questions arises… ask your technician. The Tennessee Dept of Agriculture has a lot of information about the industry and about how technicians are trained.

On the Job:

Not only is your technician trained and certified, but they have been to your house or business. They know exactly what they used, where they placed it, and how it is working. They also love building relationships. Most technicians enjoy their job because of the people they get to know doing service routinely. They often go into the junk rooms that most wouldn’t even let family look in. And they get to see all the skeletons in the closets so they can dust the spiders out. They will have so much more knowledge about your specific home so we always encourage you to ask your technician.

We hope you feel more confident about talking to the bug guy now. But that being said… don’t ignore the office! We love hearing from our customers and are happy to help with any questions we can solve. Technicians are obviously out in the field and can’t always take calls so we are happy to jump on a question or help get a hold of the tech for you. So please don’t hesitate to bug us!


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