4 Pest Control Tips For Your New Home

4 Pest Control Tips For Your New Home

Pest control tips for your new home:

Buying a new home is full of many exciting new experiences, but also brings with it new responsibilities. Among the many items that you need to check off we’ve listed 4 pest control tips for your new home.


1. Get A Free Termite Inspection –

 In a termite inspection, the inspector can let you know if there is any pre-existing termite damage and what the steps would be to eliminate their activity in your home. Usually your initial inspection is free, and then you can set up a course of action, including yearly inspections, with your pest control company.



2. Exclusion Work-

 As you are moving into your new home, make sure to seal up any gaps that could be letting any unwanted pests inside. Make sure that all weather stripping around doors, windows, etc. are tight so that pests cannot find an entry way. For weather stripping supplies check out your local hardware store, or shop online at Lowe’s here: Lowe’s Weather Stripping



3. Routine Pest Control- 

After buying a home, we highly recommend chatting with your neighbors about pest control treatments to see what seems to be common in the neighborhood. For example, some neighborhoods may tend to have more issues with spiders than others or more mice than you would typically expect. For all your pest control needs, contact Home Pest Control here!




 The landscaping around your home can impact the amount of pest you see majorly. For example, trying to keep bushes and trees from touching your home can be helpful. Also, when adding straw or mulch make sure to treat it so that you’re not bringing more pests into your homes surrounding areas. In the fall, keep leaves  out of your yard to keep pests from finding their new home on your land.


Hope you enjoy our pest control tips for your new home!

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