Home Pest Best: Covid-19 Masks

Home Pest Best: Covid-19 Masks

Over the past couple months people have really started to get creative with their masks. While we can’t speak to how effective at protecting from any kind of virus these options are, we can definitely say they each gave us a good laugh. Check out our top 5 masks we’ve seen over the past few months!



I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty antivirus these days.




A coffee filter and a COUGHY filter all in one! We love it!



Hey, we gotta keep the dogs safe too!


Anyone getting upset people can’t see what lipstick shade you chose today? Problem solved.



Lettuce show you the last mask on our list!




Hope these masks gave you all as much of a laugh as they gave us! Stay safe and keep up the creativity out there. We are loving it!

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