5 Reasons Pest Companies Perform Moisture Services

5 Reasons Pest Companies Perform Moisture Services

From installing plastic barriers to replacing vents pest companies have found ways to reduce moisture in your crawl space. It is a rather odd service most pest companies provide. Many people do not think to ask their bug guy to take care of the moisture. But there are several reasons why not only bug companies perform the service, but also why you should go with them over a basic service company/free lancer.

1. Termites Love Moisture

The main reason pest companies got into the wet and wild business of crawl space clean outs and moisture remediation is because termites LOVE it! Like any creature they need water to survive and if a crawlspace is registering at a higher moisture level then it is a huge attractant for them. Obviously termites seek wood, but really its the cellulose (the substance found in plant cells) in the wood they are after! They not only get into the structure but are seeking that cellulose debris ie: loose wood, old paper cups, food wrappers etc. As companies treated for termites they realized they could also solve these big problems and thus began the adventure into cleaning out trash and laying plastic in crawlspaces.

2. In and Out of Crawl Spaces Often

Because they are constantly in and out of crawlspaces they don’t see many surprises. A pest company should know what normal conditions should be and what a “healthy” crawlspace should look like. Because of that a technician sees problems, or problems on the horizon, and can identify a solution very quickly. We also have, and use, the tools for getting around these tight corridors.

3. Consolidates Your Services:

If a homeowner has a technician coming out for their termite warranty then having them perform the moisture control consolidates services. Most pest companies will likely roll it into the current renewal fee instead of charging extra, or give a discounted amount since you already have a service with them. This keeps one man coming out, which is better so that the plastic doesn’t get messed up. Also because that company performed the moisture control they are going to be more careful about taking care of the plastic barrier they used and be more inclined not the leave any trash behind.

4. Insurance Already Covers Crawl Space Work

Because of the above reason, that pest companies are in and out of crawl spaces already, their businesses have coverage in the event something bad were to happen. A company should have had insurance that covers accidents for when doing termite work in crawl spaces. So it would be an easy thing to pick up when deciding to start working on moisture problems.

5. No License in TN:

The state of Tennessee does not offer a specific license for mold.  Since fungicide can be applied with the same certification as pesticides companies are in compliance with the state.


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Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

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