What Does Moisture Percentage In My Crawl Space Mean

What Does Moisture Percentage In My Crawl Space Mean

If you are reading this then you probably had some service technician tell you that you have high percentage of moisture in your crawl space and they recommend a service; or maybe your bosses nephew wrote it and since you work at the ad agency and do the blogging you have to read this and give “feedback.” Either way props to you for doing homework! But regardless of why, we are hope we can be helpful so with that being said,  our goal for this blog will be to educate the reader about the moisture percentage found in their crawlspace.
Difference between Moisture Percentage and Moisture Level
Moisture Percentage = Moisture Level
Technicians will at times use the term “Moisture level” instead of percentage. This could be thought of as a thermometer. The levels themselves are not the sickness, rather the symptom of a problem and this is one tool we can use to determine if the health of the crawlspace is at risk.

What does the percentage mean?
Often when people think moisture in the crawl space, they are concerned with standing water. If someone heard they had 20% moisture they might be picturing 20% of the crawl is full of water. While that is a huge concern and contributes to your moisture reading usually in a negative manner, it is rare and is a discussion for a different day.

Your moisture level is actually the average percentage of moisture readings found in the exposed wooden structure of the crawl space. IE: Framing, posts etc.
The number of readings taken and the proximity of the area read will have an affect on the level. Most technicians will go to the four corners and then do a few readings in the middle. using a tool called a “moisture meter.”

Get on my Level!
Now that we have those terms defined we can answer the big questions: What does my level mean for me? Above is a breakdown of some of the things that can occur in a certain percentage of moisture.

Questions? Just call!

all of our inspections on crawl spaces are at non cost. We will gladly check everything out and let you know what we wouldn’t recommend to give you peace of mind


Moisture Control

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