Home Pest Best: Mickey Mouse Cakes

Home Pest Best: Mickey Mouse Cakes

Mouse season is almost over! The little critters should start making their way back to the fields and flowers and out of our kitchens and cupboards! With that being said, it’s almost wedding season and all I have on my mind is CAKE! So here are the best Mickey Mouse Cakes we could find because who doesn’t want to celebrate the only mouse welcome in the house?!?!

This should go without saying that us bug guys did not make any of these cakes and we did not take any of these pictures.

#1 Give Me a Break of That Cake!


Get out of here! Kit-Kat has always been right up there next to Reese’s as a favorite candy bar. If you don’t agree… well that’s okay. But I am writing this blog so 10/10!!! Also my wife would have that many sprinkles on every dessert if it was an option. Beautiful design and execution. Bravo Cake Maestro!

#2 Two Mice Are Better Than One… Wait, What?

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/538954280382315523/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/54184001743592924/

Having a hard time deciding between these two. We love the letters and buttons on the first one, but I mean Oreos… how do you compete with Oreos?!?! Can we suggest a collaboration?

#3 Here, Hit Weezer! We Can Make T-Shirts… or Cake!


Happy Bday to Sam! This is an awesome drawing of Mickey and makes you almost feel bad for eating it! Let’s just hope they didn’t pull a Steel Magnolias and use red velvet cake! Eek!

#4 Guess Mine Got Lost in the Mail


Wow! How about that font? Maybe they can write some of these blogs in icing for me?!?! Yum! The size of these slices has us drooling! Where was my invite Jackson?

#5 Eat Your Heart Out Johnny Depp


Pirates!!! This might be what I get for my 28th birthday coming up… could even make it rum cake!!! Yummm!!!

#6 Fancy!


This elegant cake is so fancy and probably intended for an old school Disney fan rather than a little one.

#7 Mrs. Mouse


And last but not least a shoutout to our other favorite mouse: Minnie!!! This one sure takes the cake! HA… cake puns.

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