Common Fall Pests In Tennessee

Common Fall Pests In Tennessee


Tennessee has a hot, humid climate, which is terrific for pests to nest and infest your home. The past couple of weeks with all of these scattered showers has not only pushed people indoors but several pests are bound to be checking in as tenants in your home over the next couple of months.

Rats and Mice

As the temperatures drop in autumn, rats and mice look for a warm place to snuggle up for the winter. They prefer places with a water supply and a source of food, such as under the kitchen sink or behind the walls. Telltale signs are rodent droppings in cupboards, beneath the sink or along the edge of the floor. Mice can squeeze through very small openings, so look inside your cabinets and along the floor trim for any holes they may have made. Vermin can cause big trouble for homeowners because they chew the wiring’s insulation, which can cause electrical fires to ignite.


Cockroaches look for warm homes in winter. You may never see a roach during the summer, but when they get cold, they’ll come inside. They are repulsive insects that carry many different diseases. If you suspect that your home has roaches, check near your pipes and drains. Roaches need water, so they usually nest near a source of moisture. Another way to check for these noxious invaders is to sneak into your kitchen in the middle of the night. Turn on the lights. If you see even a couple roaches scurry toward the cracks of the wall, you probably have a cockroach infestation. If you see one roach, there are probably hundreds more hidden in your walls.

Brown Recluse!

Though they are starting to hibernate, it could be in your home! This well known critter is known to make appearances once the weather has turned and everyone begins to pull out the winter wardrobe! Typically reclusive and non-aggressive, they will often be seen around attics, or scurrying about while hunting. Typical pest treatments are not as effective due to their long legs keeping them off the ground, so a thorough inspection and a treatment in the attic or wall voids is the best bet to keep these critters at bay!


Though they may be small, ants can cause big problems for a homeowner. Carpenter ants can chew away at your house’s foundation. Odorous ants contaminate the food in your pantry or cupboards. Ants can also cause short circuits by nesting in electrical outlets or control boxes.

Moisture: Fungus

Not normally thought of as a pest but with all of the rain, humidity and moisture coming through the fungus is among us. This will often happen in the exposed wood in your crawl space. Wood destroying fungus can thrive and survive at 24% so be sure to send down a professional to check the moisture levels under the house. Another danger is that excess moisture is a beacon for termites who will enjoy a nice drink after they have chomped down on the wood.
If you have a problem with any of these pests or any other unwanted bugs or critters, contact a professional pest control service. Their technicians know how to safely handle the pesticides and traps that will rid your home of these nuisances.

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