Keep the Carpenter Bees at Bay

Keep the Carpenter Bees at Bay


Are you being bothered or frightened by bees flying under the eaves of your house? You might think that they are common ordinary bumblebees because their appearance and size are similar. However, you most likely have a nest of carpenter bees as your very close neighbors.

Difference Between Bumble and Carpenter:
Although they look a lot like bumblebees, carpenter bees are not social. They live in frame buildings or in trees. Unlike their hairier bumblebee cousins, carpenter bees have shiny, black, hairless abdomens. Interestingly, the males cannot sting. Their main job is to protect the colony by warding off intruding insects. Females usually only sting when they are extremely irritated or handled. The nest, built by the female, has a round entrance about a half-inch in diameter. When the hole is about one inch deep, she makes a 90-degree turn and begins boring in earnest. 

Do they want to bite me or the house:
Although you don’t need to be overly worried about stinging, the male will attempt to scare you off by frantically buzzing in your face but the female is capable though unlikely unless provoked. The major concern is the damage carpenter bees do to your wood. They don’t eat it; they make tunnels through it to raise their young and to find shelter. They also have a tendency to defecate near their excavations, leading to unpleasant staining. You may also see a bit of saw dust falling or piled up on the ground below.

Evicting them from your home:
If you want to maintain the integrity of your wooden home or other structure, you should seriously consider getting the help of a professional exterminator. This is because insecticidal dust is the most effective way to kill carpenter bees, and it can be quite tricky to spray it thoroughly throughout the bees’ tunnel system. Furthermore, a professional can survey your property and give you tips that will enable you to protect yourself from future infestations. As tempting as it may be to take matters into your own hands, this is definitely a case where professional intervention is warranted.

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