Why Bugs Like Bathrooms

Why Bugs Like Bathrooms


Bugs play favorites when it comes to rooms. Many bugs are drawn to kitchens because that’s where the food is, but there are other bugs that prefer bathrooms. Here are a few of the insects you might encounter there. 


Cockroaches love kitchens, but they also like bathrooms. Large palmetto bugs, also known as water bugs, hang out in bathrooms to have access to a water supply. To discourage cockroaches, don’t leave water in the sink and repair any leaky faucets or pipes. 


These inch-long bugs have 15 sets of legs and move quickly. They like moist environments and are often found in tubs and sinks. They eat smaller bugs, and although they’re not poisonous, they will bite if messed with. 


Flies like standing water, so if your see them in your bathroom, keep tubs, showers and sinks as dry as possible. 


Carpenter ants like to build their nests in the wood near water sources. Some ants actually eat toothpaste and soap. The only way to get rid of these pests is to find the nest and destroy it. 


Silverfish are about an inch long, move like fish and have a silvery, scaly look. They love high humidity and eat mold, shampoo, soap, clothing and fungi. Silverfish also like to chew on paper. If they’ve come to live with you, decrease humidity levels. 

How Can I Get Rid of Bathroom Bugs?

Bugs that hang out in bathrooms do not go away by themselves. Usually, by the time you notice them, they have already moved into your space. While you can keep humidity levels low and eliminate standing water, it can be very difficult to get these pests to move on. The most effective treatment for bathroom bugs is a professional exterminator.

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