Avoiding Pests at the Office

Avoiding Pests at the Office


Office workers are often too busy to notice that little bugs can creep into communal work areas without being detected. Understanding some basic prevention techniques can help offices remain clean and free from the scourge of various pests. The most effective method for achieving a pest-free work environment is to maintain a clean break room area. Small traces of food can quickly attract small insects, rodents and other pests. If the problem continues unabated, it could escalate into a serious infestation, which has the capacity to damage the company image permanently.

Maintaining the Company’s Image

The presence of pests can do a lot of harm to the company’s image. When customers catch a glimpse of a pest, they will quickly jump to a conclusion about the quality of the organization. However, there is another consequence for allowing pests to infiltrate the workplace. These critters are often capable of latching on to various items of clothing or bags. They may also travel into the homes of the workers by this route. 

Common pests seen in commercial work areas include:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Mice
  • Fleas
  • Bed bugs
  • Spiders

Professional Pest Control

Workers can easily observe some simple steps to avoid allowing these pest infestations to get out of control. Most measures are simply a matter of adhering to good work habits. Clean all work areas immediately after eating, and make sure that any trash is removed from the premises at the end of the day. Alert the company managers to the presence of these pests, and consider using the services of a professional pest control company with experience in removing pests from commercial facilities.

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