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Brentwood Yellow Jacket Control

Yellow jackets are flying bugs that sting. You’ll recognize them by their ½-inch size and yellow and black striped bodies. The pests have the ability to sting multiple times since they don’t lose their stingers during the attack. Furthermore, by the end of summer, a yellow jacket infestation could total several hundred bugs.

Yellow jackets build delicate nests from partially decomposed wood, which you’re likely to find under the eaves of your home. They also like to build their nests in hollow trees and structures. For instance, if you have patio furniture with holes in the aluminum, then they may make it their home. 

Residential Damage

Yellow Jacket

In most cases, a yellow jacket invasion will not damage your home. However, be sure to call us to eliminate them because in rare situations, they will chew through a wall or ceiling and make a nest in the interior of a wall or attic. 

Risk to People 

Yellow jackets do not transmit diseases, but they are dangerous to people who are allergic to bee venom. In fact, a single sting may result in the person requiring medical treatment. They are more dangerous in the late summer months and early fall because their natural food source of fruit and plant nectar will be diminishing. Therefore, the pests will begin to search for other types of food such as at a picnic. They are also attracted to open garbage cans. 

Pest Elimination 

Yellow jackets are annoying pests that can ruin an outdoor barbeque. If these pests are hovering around you while you’re gardening, then be sure to contact us at Home Pest Control for a free quote. We’ll send exterminators to your home to eliminate the problem quickly. 

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