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Nashville Termite Control

termites-4Termites are a huge problem in Middle Tennessee. They can exist almost anywhere there is soil and cause more damage per year than fires, earthquakes and storms combined. Often homeowner insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, and nothing can affect the home’s value like structural termite damage.

Home Pest Control uses a variety of solutions to ensure that we deal with this problem. We help you safeguard the structural integrity of your home. Contact us today and we'll be sure to eliminate your problem.

Attention builders: We offer preconstruction treatment with warranty for new homes.

We treat residential and commercial properties.


- Preventative Termite Services
- Corrective Termite Services
- Termite Damage Repairs (limited)
- Pre-Construction Termite Treatments for Homeowners and Perferred Builders

- Termidor - Our Preferred Treatment
- Competitive Traditional Products
- Borates

FREE Termite Inspections.

Termidor Our Recommendation for your Peace of Mind

America’s #1 Termite Defense Product
Termidor has been tested and proven to be 100% effective against subterranean termites. It completely eliminates your termites within 3 months. Termidor guarantees their product.
Termidor is Home Pest Control’s product of choice for Termite treatment. In the U.S, termites are the cause of $5 billion in damage each year and most Homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Tests show that Termidor is #1 in controlling and preventing termites.


Request a free inspection. If no termites are found in your home treating with Termidor will help prevent future invasion of your most valuable investment.

If Termites are found and treated they can’t avoid coming in contact with Termidor since it is undetectable by sight, smell or taste. Once Termidor treated material is ingested by a termite they are eliminated and if they just come into contact with it they become a “carrier” and transfer the Termidor to other termites. This transfer effect continues within the colony of termites and leads to elimination of the entire colony within 3 months or less.

Activity after Treatment

The Termidor treatment on your home is designed to fit the layout construction style and soil. Typically a treatment takes less than a day. The location and extent of an active infestation can affect the length of time for treatment. Termites can remain active for several days after treatment, Termidor’s unique design of ingestion and cross contamination exploits this habit. Remember our inspections are at no charge and we will inspect frequently.

Termidor is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. It is a liquid termiticide that bonds to the soil where applied so that leaching of the product is not a concern. It isn’t a petroleum based material and will not cause harm to plants next to the areas of application.

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