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Pest Control Services

From single pest problems to multiple invader issues, we serve homes, businesses, public venues and agricultural settings. Once spiders, wasps, crickets or other insects find their way into your home, they are difficult to remove. Trust Home Pest Control to handle your pest problem quickly and efficiently. We have been serving Middle Tennessee's pest control needs for over 50 years. We train and authorize our technicians to make onsite decisions. We want your service to be friction free.


ant- Bed Bugs
- Ants
- Spiders
- Roaches
- Centipedes and Milipedes
- Fleas
- Mice
- Moles
- Rats
- Brown Recluse Spiders
- Black Widow Spiders
- Carpenter Bees (wood destroying)
- Carpenter Ants (wood destroying)
- Wasps
- Termites
- Silverfish
- Store Product Pests

and other varieties of pests not listed

Free courtesy inspections are available.

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