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Franklin Mosquito ControlMosquito 5-960

Mosquito season has arrived, and our experts at Home Pest Control realize that you want to protect your family. Mosquitoes can actually be dangerous, and removing these insects from your property should be a top priority.

Mosquitoes are common flying insects. The females of some species consume blood from humans and other vertebrates using a specialized mouthpart to pierce the skin. While feeding, the female mosquito injects an anticoagulant into the host. In our Tennessee environment, mosquitoes hibernate during the winter and become active during the warmer months. Mosquitoes are most active between dusk and dawn hours. These pests are likely to be found near standing water, which serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes can act as a vector for life-threatening viruses and parasites. One of the most commonly discussed mosquito-borne viruses in the United States is West Nile Virus, but other dangerous diseases can be transmitted by these pests. Eastern equine encephalitis virus is another virus that can be transmitted by mosquitoes, and the condition can affect both horses and humans.

The danger to humans is clear. Even if the insect is not carrying a virus, the bite can cause irritation. Proper mosquito control around the home is the best option. For business owners, eliminating mosquitoes can be a matter of upholding a good reputation because customers are unlikely to patronize a business that is buzzing with blood-sucking insects.

If you are worrying about mosquitoes or other insects, do not hesitate to take action. Contact us for a free quote and protect yourself from mosquitoes.

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