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How to prevent ants from invading your home

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Ants are annoying pests that love to taste your food and take refuge in your cozy home. In some cases, ants will do little more than infuriate you and your family. Certain ant species, however, can damage the structure of your home or even bite you. Fortunately, it's easy to protect your home from these invading critters by sealing openings into your home and practicing proper food storage.

Entry Points

Take some time to carefully analyze where ants may be able to enter your home. Look for holes and cracks around your windows and doors; seal these openings with caulk. You can also set up a perimeter to block ants with common household products. A line of salt or baby powder, for example, may keep ants away from your home. If the ants manage to cross this line, they will lose their scent trail and be unable to find their way back to the colony.

Keeping a clean house is an excellent way to stop ants from entering your home. Be especially careful with leftovers and food waste. Always store your leftovers promptly after a meal in air-tight containers. Don't let food sit around on your countertops or kitchen table. Wipe your sinks and kitchen surfaces clean after every single meal. Vinegar is a good substance for cleaning and will repel ants. Between meals, keep your food in your pantry and your refrigerator. By depriving ants of food sources, your home will not appear enticing to these unwanted guests.

What if it is too late?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, ants will still make their way into your home. If you're dealing with a tough colony of ants, you should contact a professional exterminator right away. By hiring an exterminator, you won't need to deal with the persistent ant colony on your own. In addition, you'll learn from the professionals how to better prepare your home to defend against these obnoxious pests.

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