Commercial Termite Control

Commercial Termite Control


Commerical Termite Control in Bellevue & Nashville

Home Pest Control deals with all of Tennessee’s most common pests on a regular basis, including invasive termites. Termites may not be harmful to humans, but few pests can match their ability to destroy properties. Learn more about these insects to ensure the safety of your business.

Termite Information

The most common termite variety in Tennessee is the eastern subterranean termite. These termites live in colonies below the soil that contain queens, workers, and soldiers. Termite queens lay their eggs at an impressive rate, and the average colony contains several hundred thousand workers. Termite workers extract food from plant matter, and colonies are typically located near trees and other sources of vegetation. The extracted food consists of a compound called cellulose that can be found in the cells of every plant on Earth.

Property Damage Caused by Termites

The wooden timbers used to construct houses, sheds, and other buildings are abundant sources of cellulose, and it is generally these timbers that attract termites to homes and properties. They can easily infest the soil underneath a building by crawling through tiny cracks and pores in the foundation. Once inside, the workers will begin foraging and hollowing out any wooden components that they can find. If a colony is allowed to grow to a mature size, it can severely damage your home and even make it structurally unstable.

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To avoid the costly repairs that often result from termite damage, call Home Pest Control for a free quote. We have proudly served Middle Tennessee for more than 50 years, and our pest control experts can fully eliminate the termite presence on your commerical property. We can also treat your property to prevent any future problems with the pests.

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