Moisture and Fungus Control

Moisture and Fungus Control


Moisture and Fungus Control in Franklin

Why is my crawlspace wet? Where did this water come from? These are questions you don’t want to have to ask, but when you do, trust Home Pest Control to SOS (Seek Out Source) handle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Crawls spaces that appear dry may have hidden areas where fungus and rot are destroying your home. A courtesy inspection by Home Pest Control can identify areas of concern.

Often several inspections and water tests must be done to determine the source of moisture, dampness and standing water. Once the source is found, we can perform corrections that are timely, cost effective and solve the problem with the least amount of intrusion.

We also provide a warranty with all services.


– Vapor Barriers
– Automatic Foundation Vents
– French Drains
– Sump Pumps
– Fungicide Application
– Trenching
– Humidistats
– Fans and Automatic Exhaust Systems

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